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Below are some of the questions I am asked frequently. If you have more questions after you read the below FAQs, please do not hesitate to ask me on my Contact page.

If your family law case involves allegations of domestic violence and/or if a determination has been made that a case  is “high conflict,” Carisa may be the right expert for your needs. Carisa has over 17 years of personal family law experience. She has personally managed three domestic violence restraining order cases. As an anthropologist, she has observed over 150 domestic violence hearings and trials at Lamoreaux Justice Center, Orange County, California’s family courthouse. As a demographer, Carisa built mathematical models to predict the likelihood of a child witnessing domestic violence based upon 4,039 domestic violence cases. She has acted in a professional research capacity to produce research for the US Department of Justice. She coaches both perpetrators and victims of domestic violence to remove themselves from the ecosystem of domestic violence. And she develops e-learning courses for businesses and institutions.

Carisa consults with attorneys, psychologists, evaluators, and clients on cases that involve allegations of domestic violence. She helps attorneys with “difficult” clients to determine whether domestic violence is, in any way, an issue that should be considered when managing a case. She helps attorneys manage cases that the Court or 730 evaluator has determined is “high conflict,” with the understanding that high-conflict is, in and of itself, a domestic violence case. She helps evaluators determine how to handle domestic violence allegations when no evidence is available. And she helps self-represented litigants in all aspects of domestic violence from getting a domestic violence restraining order to strategies for overcoming domestic violence either as a perpetrator or as a victim.

No. Carisa loves technology and the power it provides to consult with anyone anywhere in the world. She is available to meet with you on Zoom, Google Meet, SnapChat, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Duo, and regular telephone. Do you have a different platform preference? Let her know and she will accommodate you.

Carisa keeps extended business hours to accommodate people who work and/or care for children. Please let her know the safest time for you.

Yes. Carisa keeps her consultation fees low so that clients who need her services most can afford the time they require to solve their issues.

It is not possible for Carisa to estimate your total consultation fees without discussing the case with clients. Quick questions can be answered quickly, but often a “quick question” requires in-depth discussion to help clients understand the backbone of the issue. Some cases require ongoing work, while others require little of her time. Please contact Carisa to discuss estimates of time for your particular case.

You will receive consultation services designed specifically for your case as agreed between you and Carisa. No two cases are the same.

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Carisa Carlton does not offer legal advice. If you require legal advice, please contact an attorney in your area.