Domestic Violence Assistance for Victims

When you have to represent yourself because you cannot afford an attorney, the entire legal landscape is daunting and intimidating. I get it. 

Even when you have an attorney, most if not all of them, have never been through the personal mental duress of the domestic violence restraining order process.

I haven’t just been through the domestic violence landscape personally, I sat in courtrooms for 18 months documenting domestic violence cases for a grant funded anthropology research program at University of California, Irvine. I am intimately familiar with domestic violence inside and outside the courtroom.

Based upon formal education, academic research, and personal experience, I…

  • Listen to your case details
  • Suggest strategies for protecting your mental and physical health
  • Devise emergency plans
  • Help you protect your children to the extent possible
  • Coach you from surviving domestic violence to thriving and living your best life
  • Identify nuances in psychological, emotional, and financial abuse
  • Prepare you for representing yourself in court
  • Prepare and file your case so you don’t have to fill out forms or stand in line at the courthouse
  • Discuss all of your options
  • As relevant, inform you of my observations in over 150 domestic violence court trials.

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Carisa Carlton does not offer legal advice. If you require legal advice, please contact an attorney in your area.