I am a creative thinker with an eye for detail and a devotion to analysis.  

I draw upon my extraordinarily diverse experiences—I have lived in five countries outside of the USA—to develop logical opinions on a broad variety of issues. 

I have overcome significant obstacles.  With each hurdle, I step outside of the box to view situations from different facets to find solutions. And I manage to do so wisely, ethically, and with great respect and sensitivity toward others. 

My research is persistent, dedicated, and intense. I have not generally sought to answer the easiest research questions. 

I am told that my exuberance for acquiring and sharing new-found knowledge is contagious. In that regard, I aim to motivate others to work together with me to create solutions for businesses and communities.

Personally, I possess both the intellectual maturity and insatiable curiosity needed to manage major research goals to completion. I have a high level of motivation to succeed.  Determination and persistence are embedded in my character. I bring strong ethics to all of my professional and personal endeavors.  I am an ideal role model for a stable, productive, goal-oriented team. 

Any endeavor I invest myself into will be completed with distinction.

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