The Power of Positive Thinking: A Step Toward Changing Your Life

I love writing. I recently set out on a journey to write and publish a book on overcoming significant obstacles. More specifically, I want to help people, especially domestic violence victims, get out of the trauma survival mindset and into the thriving, living their best life mindset.

I thought I would publish each chapter as a stand alone ebook. That way, I can manage my workload while managing my other projects.

Here is the first ebook in a series of 14 chapters currently in progress. It’s yours for free. Read it. If you think it can help someone else, share it. And please write to me and let me know about your journey with positive thinking and how it impacts your life.

P.S. I captured this photo near Punta Arena. Write me and I will tell you exactly where.

The Power of Positivity

A step Toward Changing Your Life

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