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With the greatest compassion for both victims and perpetrators of domestic violence, I aim to use my education, experience, and personal strengths to serve the worldwide community in ending domestic violence whenever and wherever I can. 

I am not only a domestic violence researcher, I am a survivor.  

As a consequence of erroneously believing domestic violence was my fault, I lost my sanity. I lost my child. I lost my family. I lost my friends. I was alone. 

My doctors did not understand. My mental health providers did not understand. My attorneys did not understand. Judges did not understand. Again, I was alone. 

Being alone in a dark landscape of insidious behaviors that easily escape professional detection compelled me to passionately dedicate my life to research endeavors aimed at lifting the black veil of the domestic violence ecosystem. 

As a result of my dedication to domestic violence research and sheer willpower, I stepped over the threshold of survival and into a thriving mindset.

Although I have great respect for domestic violence reseasrchers across disciplines, I do not know of any domestic violence expert in this world who knows this topic better than I do because in addition to my research background, I’ve actually experienced every facet of domestic violence.

“I teach others to identify domestic violence, remove themselves from unhealthy situations, diffuse potentially harmful situations, avoid ecosystems of violence (once and for all), and live their full radiant potential.”

―Carisa Carlton

I work with family law attorneys, educators, mental health providers, social case workers, medical doctors, law enforcement, and individuals.

I will help you make a change that really matters.

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